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Welcome to Olympus Genetics

Olympus Genetics is a private organisation based in Sydney, Australia that provides genetic testing, information and counselling for people seeking to understand their genetic make-up.

Owned by the Olympus Health Group, Olympus Genetics seeks to assist and enable people to understand and manage existing hereditary conditions and identify if they have or a carry a genetic disorder.

Importantly, genetic testing provides access to information that can help people make the best decisions for their own health and members of their family.

A key part of our genetic testing is to provide holistic support and counselling services for our patients. This counselling is a key part of helping those people who have or are at risk of having genetic disorders, work through the process of investigating their genetic profile.

Our genetic counsellors are specially trained professionals who can provide information and support surrounding a person’s risk factors of being affected by a certain genetic condition, and also dealing with a positive diagnosis.

At Olympus Genetics, we are passionate about improving the health and well-being of our patients and providing access to world-class technology that enables people to understand their genetic make-up and make informed decisions about health, lifestyle and family.

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